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Tax Disks and MOTs

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Tax Disks and MOTs

Postby davew » Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:23 pm

Following discussion at Helmsley and the August club night we expect to change our scrutineering to reflect government changes to tax and MOTs.

From October tax disks will no longer be issued and the only way to verify if a vehicle is taxed is via the new DVLA web site facility.
A few years ago the MOT certificate was removed and replaced with a simple receipt that has no security and, again, the only real way of verifying the MOT status is via the DVLA web site.

We came up with three options to reflect these changes in our scrutineering process:

1) Create a scrutineering log book for each vehicle that includes tax/test dates, updated annually from the DVLA web site.
2) Rely on internet access during scrutineering to check the vehicle status via phones/tablets.
3) Remove the tax/test verification from scrutineering.

Option 3 is the preferred option, given that all vehicles taking part in our trials must be driven to the event. By signing on you agree to be bound by the regulations and supplementary regulations (which include the requirement that vehicles are taxed/tested etc...).

Note that this is not a change to vehicle eligibility, simply a change in scrutineering practices to reflect the change in legislation. All vehicles will still have to be taxed/tested/insured for the road.

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Postby Matthews » Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:12 pm

Please note that scrutineers will still check the vehicle is safe and roadworthy as they do now (even though it has been driven to the event). Vehicles deemed to be unsafe will have the problem rectified or not allowed to compete. I am glad to say we have only had 1 case of a disagreement (even though a current MOT cert was supposedly issued the week before) as to not allowing a vehicle to compete in the whole history of the club .

As I am the chief scrutineer the final decision rests with me and if I deem a vehicle to be unsafe it will not be allowed to enter , and for those of you that don't know me and wish to query my decision I run a garage so have a modicum of mechanical knowledge, have been dealing with scrutineering in various forms of motor sport for the last 30 years and am a qualified MOT tester.

Bottom line folks is if it's safe you can play , if it's not you can marshall and be careful on the way home .


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