Tubular Front bumper legality

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Tubular Front bumper legality

Postby dave willard » Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:46 pm

I am fed up with straightening my front bumper
I am looking at making a tubular one mounted on/above the chassis, but when I looked at this about 6 years ago my insurance company stated that should I hit a pedestrial causing injury I could be liable as the front profile was not as came out of the factory
Especially now with no win no fee etc being the thing


My solution might be to fit the tubular & fit the original below in its original position with modified brackets enabling it to be easily removed for a trial then refitted before going back on the road, would this cause problems with the rules?

Dave Willard

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Postby davew » Thu Jun 21, 2007 2:01 pm

I wouldn't pay much attention to what an insurance broker says on the phone - last year I was told my insurance company wouldn't insure my vehicle for normal use if it was used for any form of competition at all during the year.

Having asked him to issue a written statement to that effect so I could warn all off road drivers that competing in a trial will invalidate your insurance for the rest of the year if you were insured with that broker... strangely he went away to talk to his supervisor who agreed with me that he was talking rubbish.

Of course you should notify your insurance company of all modifications to the vehicle as a matter of course. If an insurance company refuses to cover you with a tubular bumper, vote with your feet.

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