Waterproofing the air filter

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Waterproofing the air filter

Postby Jabba » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:47 pm

Despite having a snorkel, I seem to have got muddy water into the air filter housing.
I'm pretty sure all the hoses are sound and/or sealed and that the only way it is likely to have got in is through the little rubber drain valve at the front/bottom of the housing.

I had thought this would be OK but obviously not.
Any suggestions as to the easiest/best way to seal this up? Glue/silicon/replace it with...


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Air filter

Postby Zedman » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:12 pm

Unlikley to be the drain valve unless you have been submerging and its wide open, but check the drain valve and see if the flappy bit on the end is closed when running (has it still got a flappy bit on the end)

Double check hoses between snorkel and filter, mine had split, ALSO check the seal where snorkel is mounted to the body is actualy watertight.

That all said it might just be evertday crap going down the snorkel and thats what the air flter is for to catch this stuff.
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