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Bradfield Trial

7th April 2002

Following the awful weather at Fellbeck in March things could only improve for Bradfield ! So it was with some relief that we held a dry trial in brilliant sunshine for a change. The entry numbers were down a bit due to holidays and other commitments (including an 18th birthday bash on Saturday night - Happy birthday Claire !). So, with scrutineering over, the relatively small entry started the trial at 10am.

The ground conditions proved to be taxing on vehicles with plenty of grip throughout most of the site but with small pockets of "slippy stuff" that allowed you to get your wheels spinning just prior to giving you 100 percent grip. This was good halfshaft and diff breaking territory and Ray was first to fall victim after just 4 sections when his Range Rover ate the front diff at the end of the section. Later on it was Matthew's 110 that became the second victim after section 8, once again the front diff appears to have expired. Matthew finished the trial by double entering Dave White's Range Rover.

The closing stages of the trial were quite close at the top with 3 drivers going into the last section on level pegging. All 3 had picked up 4 points in various ways during the day. Phillip Whiteley in his 90, Dave White in his Range Rover and Matthew Sykes also now in Dave's Range Rover. Dave was the first into the section and managed to get a clear run leaving the pressure on Phillip and Matthew. A mistake by Phillip between gate 9 and 8 left him out of shape for the 7 so he dropped 7 points. Matthew had an almost identical problem between 9 and 8 but, with the advantage of the long wheel base shunt, managed to get himself out of trouble at that point to attempt the long rocky climb up to the finish. Unfortunately he ran out of grip half way up the hill and picked up 2 points. A clear on the last section by Bob Christmas in his 90 allowed him to make the most of Phillips mistake and he jumped up into 3rd position.

Thanks go as ever to Clerk of Course Dave Willard and his helpers and marshals both on Saturday during setting out and on Sunday during the trial. Another successful trial, especially as Dave (Willard) has now sold off those 2 spare diffs he had at home...hmmmm !

Pictures of the event can be seen here
Name Vehicle Class Section Scores Total Score Class Pos. Overall
Section No.: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  
Dave White Range Rover 4 00011110000 4 1 1
Matthew Sykes 110/Range Rover 4 00020000022 6 2 2
Bob Christmas 90 2 01011010500 9 1 3
Phillip Whiteley 90 2 00011011007 11 2 4
Mick Simpson 110 4 000210211003 19 3 5
Graham Simpson 110 4 13820200031 20 4 6
Keith Briggs 90 2 531060310104 33 3 7
Nick Buckham Series 3 V6 Hybrid 2 371360230104 39 4 8
Tom Johnson 90 2 001096415015 41 5 9
Paul Everett 110 2 101323048818 48 6 10
Tom Perrin Ibex 240 4 5171602 70 5 11
Ray Poulton Range Rover 4 00102 96 6 12
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